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Ursula Augustine
Ursula Augustine
award-winning make-up artist

Currently loving: Chef Bro.Toby’s Pies
“I have never been one for low-fat, sugar-free desserts, which to me was code for ‘bland and tasteless.’ So you must imagine my surprise when I found these all-natural pies made of beans. The Honey Bean, Mocha Bean, Plantain Bean, Chocolate Bean, Carrot Bean, Banana Bean, Classic (White) Bean, and Butternut Squash Bean are all amazing. Before you go rushing to look up Chef's website - he doesn't have one! There is no business card. He bakes strictly by referral, only!  Here is a gift for all my friends of ‘The Goods’: Chef Bro.Toby's referral (order) line: strictly_business@tmo.blackberry.net”


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