The Philly Mag 50: Restaurants 1 to 20

16. Barclay Prime
16. Barclay Prime
We are a steakhouse-loving city. Well, more accurately, we are a city that steakhouses love. In the past five years, they’ve sprouted up all over the region. The question is: How do you set your steakhouse apart from the rest? The answer, of course, comes from the king of reinvention, Stephen Starr, in this Rittenhouse restaurant. The finest cuts of meats, cooked to perfection — a salty, crust-like exterior and a just-warmed center — are a given. It’s everything else that makes us love Barclay Prime: the potato menu (featuring house-made oniony tots and enormous, plump skins), the updated veggies like broccolini, the Kobe sliders, the raw bar, the seasonal desserts. And what completes this over-the-top experience is the setting. You get to enjoy that steak while lounging in a leather chair in the sleek library you’ll never have.

Pictured: Twenty-one-day-aged porterhouse

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