The 2009 Philly Mag 50: Restaurants 26 to 50

37. Matyson
37. Matyson
Center City | New American | Entrées: $21-$30
Last Year’s Ranking: 27

Six-year-old Matyson is a standard-setter when it comes to BYO’s in this town. For some reason, the small, welcoming spot just off 19th and Market seems never to have drawn the fuss and fanfare other restaurants of its caliber receive—but don’t forget to remember this one. The Continental fare (which changes seasonally) is thoughtful and tasty; the simple dining room is pretty; service is comfortable and competent; and creative weekly tasting menus are a real deal at $45 a pop. Order: Soups, which are always seasonal standouts. 37 South 19th Street, 215-564-2925.

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Photograph by Jason Varney


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