The 2009 Philly Mag 50: Restaurants 26 to 50

26. Standard Tap
26. Standard Tap
Northern Liberties | Pub Food | Entrťes: $13-$20
Last Yearís Ranking: 11

Itís true that the waitstaff can be rude. And that no one who works here cares that youíre waiting for a table. And that thereís no printed menu, and itís pretty hard to see the chalkboard, especially given how poorly lit the place is. But Standard Tap is more than a gastropub. Itís the original gastropub, the restaurant that helped put Philly back on the national food radar in 2000. Almost 10 years later, the Tap has stuck to its simple mission of great local craft beer, good local food, and prices that are ever more appealing as our 401Ks swirl the drain. If you go at an hour when thereís no competition for tables, itís a downright relaxing place to be. After a microbrew or three, youíll realize that Standard Tap not only has a strong sense of place; it gives us a sense of current Philadelphia. Order: Steak frites. 901 North 2nd Street, 215-238-0630.

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Photograph by Jason Varney


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