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Is Sweetgreen’s Zahav Bowl Worth Trading Your Custom Salad Order in For? 

zahav bowl
Around 12 p.m. today, like Santa or Oprah, the Sweetgreen gods dropped a gift into my lap just in time for lunch: The new Zahav Bowl, the product of a collaboration with Philly chef Michael Solomonov of restaurant favorites like Zahav (duh), Dizengoff, and more.

The bowl, available at Philly’s Sweetgreen locations through May, debuted today, and I’m not going to lie: I wasn’t particularly excited about. Literally every single ingredient in the salad is an item that, when I am at Sweetgreen crafting my custom salad (soooo, just about every day), I scan over and think to myself HARD pass on that.

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Monday Morning TL;DR: Rapper Action Bronson Feasts at Zahav

It’s another Monday morning, and if you’ve found yourself here it means you must be wondering about Jim Gaffigan‘s thoughts on fancy Hot Pockets, what Action Bronson ate at Zahav, and how some overcooked lobsters turned into a jetski chase in Australia. Also why everything in Australia doesn’t end in a jetski chase. Or a koala fight.

Anyway, we’ve got all the answers you need right here. But this week we’ll start with how to pair Skittles and cigars…

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Michael Solomonov’s Got His Very Own Sweetgreen Salad


Look at Sweetgreen, so crafty with ways to make their product — the lowly salad — one of the most exciting foods money can buy. Besides appealing to youngins with branded store sign verbiage (see: Beyonce and Kanye West references like “hot sauce in my bag, er, bowl”  and “I made that peach famous”), they collaborate with big names in food — David Chang (Momofuku), Dan Barber (Blue Hill), Jessica Koslow (Sqirl) — to keep the menu fresh and relevant. It’s a pretty neat business model — even Kendrick Lamar has his own salad: Beets Don’t Kale My Vibe.

And on April 28th, Philly’s own Michael Solomonov will join these celebrity-types with Sweetgreen’s Zahav Bowl.

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