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New Brunch Options Abound in Philadelphia

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Your Guide to Philly’s Grassfed Beef Boom

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Sure, it’s easy to find organically grown fruits and veggies at your neighborhood farmers’ market, grocery co-op, and even some supermarkets. But sustainably-raised meat? That’s much harder to find, with few farmers’ market vendors, CSAs, or retailers offering it — and then, it’s almost always frozen.

A handful of new companies that specialize in nontraditional models for supplying pasture-raised meat want to change that. New, online-based supply chain models that have started serving Philadelphia in the past year enable consumers to easily get their hands on high-quality, farm-identified grassfed beef that’s as tasty as it is environmentally friendly — and delivered to your neighborhood or your door.

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Meat News: La Divisa and Wyebrook Farm Are Now Partners


You love meat, right? Of course you do. And as a proudly carnivorous American, you carefully track all the goings-on in the Philadelphia meat scene, right?


Okay, so maybe not. But still, there’s some good news on that front today, and it is this: Nick Macri of La Divisa Meats is partnering up with Dean Carlson, owner of Wyebrook Farm out in Chester county. And like a two-man meat-Voltron, they are teaming up to bring delicious animal proteins to the people of Philadelphia. Here’s how it’s all shaking out.

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New Brunch Options Abound in Philadelphia


The view from the Top of the Tower which now offers brunch.

Everyone’s favorite weekend ritual is about to get some more variety. As the weather warms up, restaurants are launching new brunches, complete with drink deals and outdoor seating. Whether you’re nursing a hangover with endless Bloody Marys or trying to find a place you can bring crying kids, there’s something new for you.

This past Sunday, SkyBrunch commenced at Top of the Tower at Three Logan Center (18th and Arch). Each week you can head up to the 51st floor for an all-inclusive brunch and an unbeatable panorama of the city. Brunch costs $50 per person.

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