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Wursthaus Schmitz

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Where We’re Eating: Wursthaus Schmitz

Wursthaus Schmitz | Photo by Mike Persico

Wursthaus Schmitz | Photo by Mike Persico

When it comes to modernizing a cuisine, German has got to be one of the most challenging. There’s likely very little on the menu at any German restaurant in the country in 2013 that wouldn’t also have appeared on the menu of the local wursthaus in, say, 1587. And yet modernizing this almost elementally historic cuisine is exactly what chef Jeremy Nolen set out to do, both at Brauhaus Schmitz on South Street and now at Wursthaus Schmitz at Reading Terminal. Yes, you can still get potato salad here. And headcheese by the pound. And delicious sausages with ridiculous names. But you can also order sandwiches, and for some reason, even though they’re based on traditional combinations, every one of them—from the Bavarian, with its coleslaw and horseradish sauce, to the goulash-dripping Hungarian and the Lyoner (which is basically just a fried baloney sandwich with a passport)—feels like something wholly and completely new.

Wursthaus Schmitz
Reading Terminal Market
12th and Arch Streets

Win Two Free Tickets To Hang With the Brauhaus Schmitz Crew At Cannstadter


Hey, speaking of Brauhaus Schmitz

The 141st annual Cannstadter Volksfest Labor Day Germano-palooza is this weekend and as is their custom, the crews from both Brauhaus Schmitz and Wursthaus Schmitz are shutting down operations for a day and all rolling up there in two big buses to hang out, relax and drink a whole lot of beer.

The bad news? That means both places are going to be closed on Sunday.

The good news? You can go with them to Cannstadter if you come up with the best caption for the above photo.

Here are the event details, straight from owner Doug Hager:

  • Bus leaves Brauhaus this Sunday at 2PM sharp
  • Bus leaves Cannstadter at 9PM
  • Free beer all day
  • Bring a little cash for food, games, rides etc.
  • Lederhosen & Dirndl strongly encouraged!

So who’s up for it? Captions go in the comments. Best one wins the free pair of seats on the bus.

Cannstadter Volksfest Labor Day Party [Official]

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