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CONCERT REVIEW: Escondido at World Cafe Live

Escondido Photographed by Chris Sikich

Photographed by Chris Sikich

It would not have been surprising to see Dale Cooper at World Cafe Live Upstairs on Friday, June 10th, enjoying headliners Escondido. The Nashville-based act goes way beyond its alt-country origins to a space that is otherworldly, of the past and a timeless present and future, not unlike the world of Cooper and Twin Peaks. The radiant duo of Jessica Maros and Tyler James, playing with a top-notch backing band, powered through a stunning mix of tracks from their debut and 2016’s Walking With a Stranger. Read more »

INTERVIEW: Curtis Alumni Gabriel Cabezas

Gabriel Cabezas

Gabriel Cabezas

Chicago-born Gabriel Cabezas isn’t afraid to call Philly a second home.

“I graduated from Curtis in 2013, so I haven’t worn out my welcome just yet,” he said. In fact, the highly in-demand cellist, who has been praised for his versatile style and sound, has a plethora of Philly engagements this season, including his upcoming concert with Sandbox Percussion for LiveConnections at World Cafe Live. He later returns for performances with yMusic at the Kimmel Center, the Dolce Suono Ensemble, and with Ben Folds at The Fillmore. We chatted with the talented musician about how Philly helped shape his craft, and what listeners can expect from his upcoming projects.

I always like to ask Curtis grads how that institution shaped them as artists.
It’s really insular. It’s a closed experience in a very positive way, which was a good because I could focus and learn music. It was a great place for me because, like most people, in college you discover new things that you didn’t know you liked. I started listening to different kinds of music and playing music that I wouldn’t have normally have looked at. Read more »

Philly jazz vocalist Joanna Pascale teaming up with Curtis 20/21 Ensemble

Joanna Pascale

Joanna Pascale

At first, it may seem like a mismatch: a jazz singing superstar with a classical musical cohort. But, if you know anything about Curtis Institute’s 20/21 Ensemble and LiveConnections, their upcoming concert at World Cafe Live is actually a perfect fit. Philly-bred jazz diva Joanna Pascale will be presenting a jam session with the group of classically-trained musicians this week.

The Friday evening show is quite typical when one looks at the offerings LiveConnections has presented through the years. The nonprofit organization prides itself on collaborative music making, and unlikely performer pairings during their six-concert seasons. Read more »

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