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Whole Foods Devon

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Shop Like The Chefs Do At The Center City Whole Foods

The new produce section at Pennsylvania Avenue's new Whole Foods Market | Photo by Adjua Fisher

Baldor Specialty Foods has long been one of the produce suppliers used by chefs looking for rare, seasonal or weird ingredients. Need sea beans, Bulgarian sevruga caviar or a case of cactus pads? Baldor can get that for you. Whole frozen rabbits? Yeah, that, too. Problem is, for all of you home cooks out there, it’s always been tough to get your hands on some of these ingredients.

At least until now.

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Dizenpitaphobia Leads To Magic Pretzel & Hummus Mashup

Hummus + Pretzel = Magic

Hummus + Pretzel = Magic

A while back we tweeted about Dizenpitaphobia – the fear of running out of pita before you finish your hummus at Dizengoff. The retort was fairly unanimous, bad on us for not preemptively ordering a second pita. And we’ve taken that to heart when we lunch at the Sansom Street hummusiya. But on Sunday a post-Eagles crew rolled into the new Whole Foods for some celebratory beers and hummus from Dizengoff and we came up with a genius new solution to Dizenpitaphobia.

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The Checkup: The Secrets to Saving Money at Whole Foods

• Fact: I spent three hours and way too much money at the brand spankin’ new Whole Foods yesterday. In the future, I will be consulting this list (and you should too!) of insider tips — like asking to try anything before you buy, and buying everything hand-cut — before I hit the aisles to avoid falling into the Whole Paycheck trap. [Bon Appetit]

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