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Tria Taproom

  • Cuisine: , ,
  • Alcohol: Beer, Wine
  • Meals Served: Dinner, Lunch
  • Price: $$
  • Accepts Credit Cards: Yes
  • Hours: Noon – Late Night

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Sip French Ciders and Apple Liqueurs at Tria Taproom Tonight

Tria Taproom/Facebook

While we’ve all come to expect the annual pumpkin craze to rear its ugly head each fall, one of the season’s most delicious flavors is often overlooked: apples are just as worthy of celebration this time of year as their big orange cousins, if not more so — when was the last time you bit into a sweet, juicy gourd? Yeah, I thought so.

But this familiar fruit is starting to get its due, thanks in part to cider’s growing popularity. And tonight, October 11th, Tria Taproom is putting them in the spotlight with Autumn in Normandy, a celebration of artisanal French ciders from Domaine Dupont, maker of artisanal ciders, pommeau, and Calvados.

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For the First Time Ever, Tria Gets Into the Cocktail Game



Tria is the type of restaurant where consistency matters above all else, consistency is its bread and butter. Service is always top. Wine and beer, too.

In fact, service, wine and beer is — and has always been — the foundation of the Tria concept at large. They’ve kept it simple like that, tinkering with it only a little by adding a beer-focused taproom in 2013 (which now pours some outstanding wine), and at the Fitler Square location, wine markets and wine cocoa.

But look at that, Tria Taproom is entering into an entirely new world. Cocktails.

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