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Study: Smoking Screws Up Your Taste Buds




In today’s scary smoking-related news: Apparently, smoking doesn’t just give you wrinkles and an inhaler dependency, it also messes with your ability to taste. According to the Huffington Post, a new study shows that both current and former smokers have more difficulty identifying the bitter taste of caffeine, compared with non-smokers.

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Josh Can’t Cook’s Summer Eats

When he's not soaking up the sun this summer, Josh Schonewolf, host of Josh Can't Cook, is eating his way around Philly (courtesy of Josh Can't Cook)

When the summer hits (feel it?), it’s truly time to enjoy the finer things in life, like scantily-clad tan people sipping mojitos …on a speedboat. Some weekends, Philly might feel like a ghost town as friends hit the water – and road – for the white sands (hello, Rehoboth!), but that only means one thing: There are more seats for me at some my favorite restaurants.

Anyone who’s watched my web-based cooking show – Josh Can’t Cook – knows that the name doesn’t lie – I really can’t cook. So I like to dine out – a lot. And this summer, there are a few destinations that make the hot season even hotter.

If you’re fresh from a workout and/or feeling thirsty and a bit wiped-out from the heat, er last night, get to the Gayborhood’s Jar Bar. The upstart raw bar has some delicious goodies on the menu, like my favorite – the strawberry- banana smoothie. It’s packed with protein, goji berries, hemp milk – and fruit. Lots and lots of fruit.