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Stargazy Is Taking Over The Kitchen At Brigantessa For Family Meal


“Family Meal” is an institution at restaurants. It’s that meal, put together by the kitchen, for the entire staff, front and back of the house. In some places, it is a leisurely thing–eaten either before or after service, while sitting, with friends and comrades. In others, it’s a fast thing bolted down in the mad moments before the first tables are seated.

But once a month at Brigantessa, it’s something else completely.

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Philly’s Best Pies



I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. But if I did, I would only go for the selfish ones. Travel more, see more, take more time to relax–that kind of thing. And also, the gluttonous ones. Eat more tacos. Drink more fine whiskey. Spend more time at the bar and less time at the desk. I once drove all the way across the country looking for a great fish taco and, at the time, this seemed like a perfectly reasonable thing to do. I regularly crossed state lines for the world’s best green chile cheesesburger when I lived in Colorado (because said cheeseburger is found at the Owl Bar in San Antonio, New Mexico). And maybe this year I’ll get back to doing more of that, too. Maybe 2017 is going to be the year of ridiculous things.

But in the meantime, I’m just going to try to eat more pie. Why? Because pie is awesome. Because pie > cake in every respect. And because I’m not generally a dessert kind of guy (especially when eating out for work), and I feel like that is just stupid because when you have an expense account like I do, that essentially means that someone else is buying the pie for you–and anyone who turns down free pie is just a damn fool.

So I’m going to eat more pie. Sweet and savory both. And here are some of the places I intend to do it.

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