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Sidecar Bar and Grille

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Get High (Gravity) at The Sidecar

The Sidecar Bar & Grille/Facebook

The Sidecar Bar & Grille’s quarterly celebration of heavy-hitting and hard-to-find beers is back. And at tonight’s High-Gravity Beer Bonanza, they’re pouring some seriously boozy brews.

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Drink This Now: Citywide Special at the Sidecar


It’s the pickleback that makes the Sidecar’s Citywide Special.

The Citywide or Special has become a Philadelphia tradition. The term is generally considered to have been coined on South Street at at Bob & Barbara’s and then the Tritone. At B&B’s, it lives on as a shot of Jim Beam and a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Over the years, we’ve begun to seen riffs on the Citywide. Mexican-themed bars offer a shot of Tequila and a Tecate. When Petruce et al was around, Tim Kweeder even put the “Balling Citywide” on his menu. That luxury version of the drink was a can of barleywine and a shot of Angel’s Envy for $25.

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Tonight: A Seed Dinner, Center City Sips Preview and Strong Beers

seed dinner 940Tonight, Buckminster’s chef Rob Marzinsky is joining up with Brick and Mortar’s Brian Ricci for a five-course dinner at Brick and Mortar to benefit the Roughwood Seed Collection. The dinner uses products from Roughwood and includes a complimentary cocktail from bartender Christina Rando. Roughwood is dedicated to preserving rare seeds and continuing their use in the world. The five-course dinner is $55 per person and there will also be seeds for sale at the restaurant.

Dinner is $55 per person and is offered between 6:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. The menu is available here.

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