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Peter Serpico’s Rittenhouse Korean Restaurant Has Been Called Off

Peter Serpico in front of his restaurant, Serpico — Facebook

The last we heardPeter Serpico and Stephen Starr’s latest joint-project — a Korean restaurant that would replace Il Pittore — was “under construction.”

And while a restaurant will surely fill the space eventually, Serpico’s Korean restaurant has been nixed from the docket — at least at the 2025 Sansom Street space.

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Eat Korean Food at Serpico and Help a Philly Restaurant Worker Fight Cancer

Serpico_LoRes044.jpg Mike Persico

As tragic as it is to be diagnosed with cancer, it’s good to know you have an entire industry in your corner ready to support you in any way that it can. Philly’s Theresa Lazzari — a back-of-house pro most recently turning out pastas at Southwark and Ambra — recently had that happen to her.

And while she’s out there kicking cancer’s butt, some Queen Village restaurants are stepping up to help her out.

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One Night Only: D.C.’s Hottest Restaurant Comes To Philly

Photo via Starr Restaurants

Photo via Starr Restaurants

Quick Update: The original Instagram post had the wrong phone number. Now we’ve got the right one, plus a few more details about the meal.

We have no restaurant in Philly that’s like Rose’s Luxury. This three-year-old D.C. restaurant got tagged as the best new restaurant in America by Bon Apetit in 2014. Its chef, Aaron Silverman, does a Southern comfort food menu spiked with global influences (pork sausages with habanero and lychee, crispy squid with Yemeni hot sauce) and it is so good that people wait two, three, sometimes four hours to get a seat in the no-reservations dining room. Like, literally, wait in a line outside the front door in order to get a table.

But you wanna know some good news? Peter Serpico is doing a one-night-only collaboration dinner with Rose’s Luxury at Serpico, and you won’t have to do do anything except make a reservation.

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