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Can Campbell Soup Co. Bounce Back From Its Revenue Slump?

Campbell Soup Co. will report its fourth quarter results Thursday morning, and investors will be looking to see if the company can put an end to years of revenue decline.

The Camden, N.J.-based company — still the world’s biggest soup maker — has posted 10 straight quarters of declining revenue and its share price has fallen 15 percent this year, the Wall Street Journal reports. Like other processed packaged food makers, Campbell Soup must vie for the tastes of customers who want healthier and fresher foods. Consumers are now less likely to reach for Campbell Soup’s V8 line of vegetable juices or the company’s condensed broths and soups.  Read more »

Noooooooo: FDA Says You Really, Really Shouldn’t Eat Raw Cookie Dough

Raw cookie dough enthusiasts, listen up: Next time you’re baking any sort of delectable treat, think twice before licking your fingers clean as it could make you pretty sick — and this time, eggs are not the obvious felon. While we should always be wary of salmonella lurking where raw eggs reside, apparently we should also be wary of E. coli hiding away in raw flour, the FDA says. Who knew?

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