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The Gastronaut: It Gets Better

MO-gastronaut-032015-400-kagan-mcleodI was at Aldine for dinner on opening night, and it was awful.

Of all the dishes set before me, I only found two of them appetizing enough to finish, and with another one, I had to pull the old Oh look, some of it fell on the floor trick just to make it appear as though I’d taken more than one bite.

But it’s okay. Don’t worry. Aldine got better.

I ate at Sbraga years ago, shortly after it opened. It was one of the most talked-about restaurants in the city, but not all the talk was good. And, frankly, neither was dinner. It was gimmicky, too clever, muddled in a way that I think was supposed to feel casual and fun but didn’t.

But Sbraga got better, too. Read more »

Sbraga: A St. Patrick’s Day Deal With No Green Beer

sbragapattysNot every St. Patty’s Day celebration has to be about the maximum consumption of crappy, green-tinted lager in minimum time. There are those out there who want to spend the day in quiet contemplation, thinking about the many contributions of the Irish to world culture (like whiskey, songs about drinking whiskey, and stories written while in whiskey’s company), and others who might be looking for a taste of Ireland’s many culinary accomplishments (including, but not limited to, potatoes, bacon, and potatoes with bacon).

For those of you out there interested in the latter–or just looking for an excuse to spend St. Patrick’s Day on Broad Street but not squeezed up against a sticky bar with 10,000 of your closest friends, Kevin Sbraga has put together a delightfully green chef’s counter menu that he’ll be serving for dinner at his eponymous restaurant.

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Philly Cooks Tasting Tours Are Now on Sale

PhillyCooksLogo_2014The first two Philly Cooks Tasting Tours are now on sale. Get unprecedented access to top restaurants in Old City and Center City. Each neighborhood-focused tour takes you behind the scenes at three different restaurants.

The Old City and Center City Tasting Tours take place on Tuesday, Februray 17th. The Old City Tour visits Capogiro’s new pizzeria Capofitto for a pizza primer, then heads to Eli Kulp’s High Street on Market for breads, pasta and meats before finally landing at Peter Woolsey’s La Peg for a history lesson and French pastries.

The Center City tour kicks off in the private kitchen at Kevin Sbraga’s latest restaurant, Juniper Commons for an assortment of appetizers and gin and tonics, then heads to Sbraga for a pasta and wine tasting before ending upstairs at Pub & Kitchen for large cuts of meat and make-your-own sandwiches.

For more details, check out the Philly Cooks Tasting Tours page. And don't hesitate, tickets are extremely limited.

Philly Cooks Tasting Tours [Philadelphia Magazine]


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