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Royal Sushi and Izakaya

  • Cuisine: , ,
  • Alcohol: Full Bar
  • Price: $$
  • Accepts Credit Cards: Yes

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Eat This Now: Royal Sushi and Izakaya’s “Industry” Chirashi


You know what’s cool about Royal Sushi and Izakaya? Like we told you last week, pretty much everything, from the shumai to the sushi to the space robots. But when a restaurant like this surprise-opens on you (mind you, nearly six years after it was first announced), the smaller details reveal themselves over time, on the fly, something new for every visit.

Like, say, Royal chef Jesse Ito’s off-the-menu “industry” chirashi.

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Where To Eat This Weekend: A Prescription For Cocktails, Tacos and Dumplings


So this has been a helluva week, huh? Long, gray, dark and ugly–both psychologically and meteorologically. Know what I’m thinking? We all need to have a little fun this weekend. Get out there, face-to-face with the world. Have a meal, a couple drinks. Now I’m no doctor, but if I was, that would be my prescription. A couple hours to relax. To eat and drink among friends. And that’s why, if I were a doctor, I’d be everyone’s favorite doctor.

But anyway, if you’re looking for just the right place to go, I can help you there, too. I’ve got a list below of the five places and/or things you should be eating this weekend. Now everyone get out there and have some fun, ok? And don’t worry. Everything will still suck when you get home.

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Dinner At The Fish Riot: Royal Sushi And Izakaya Reviewed


There are restaurants you go to because you’re hungry, and restaurants you go to because they’re cool. There are restaurant you go to because they’re close—the old soldiers of your particular block, with rooms as comfortable as faded blue jeans and a bartender who knows your name. And then there are restaurants you go to because they make you feel better about your neighborhood, your city or yourself. That’s what Royal Sushi and Izakaya is for me.

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