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Rhino Bar [CLOSED]

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Marcie Turney And Valerie Safran Are Taking Over Fish


Over on the Insider, they’re reporting that it’s a done deal–that the owners of Barbuzo, Jamonera and Lolita (which just picked up a liquor license) have now officially decided to expand off of 13th Street (which they essentially own) and try to take on a new neighborhood by snapping up Fish.

No news on what, exactly, the pair plan to do with the double space (remember: this is also where Rhino Bar lived and died), but Klein does have a nice, succinct look back at the history of the embattled space under Mike Stollenwerk and others.

Owners of Lolita, Barbuzo and Jamonera Taking Over Fish [Insider]

Stop Us If You’ve Heard This Before, Flooding at 1234 Locust Street


The last couple of nights, the above sign has been in the window at Rhino Bar (last week there was a closed for private party sign), the successor to Fish at 1234 Locust Street. We called over to the Independent Hotel which sits atop Rhino and the latest, smaller Fish. The hotel informed us that Rhino Bar is closed because of flooding. The same reason given for Fish’s closure back in May of 2012, that turned out not to be the truth at all. All this comes just a month after Mike Stollenwerk parted ways with Fish and Rhino.

The hotel also told us that Fish is still open and Rhino should return next week. But Fish’s web site is gone and OpenTable doesn’t have anything open for tonight (but the rest of the weekend and beyond is wide open). A call to the restaurant went unanswered.

So here we are again, wondering what is going on a 1234 Locust Street.

UPDATE: Michael Klein has tweeted that this time, the flood is real.

Tonight: Grand Opening Party At Rhino Bar

Over at the Independent Hotel, Mike Stollenwerk’s Rhino Bar (which took the place of his flagship Fish after it moved into smaller quarters inside the hotel) is getting ready for its grand opening party.

Tonight, from 6-9pm, there will be $3 drafts, $4 cocktails and beers in cans for just two bucks. Also, it looks like the kitchen is putting out a half-price menu for the festivities, and here’s to hoping that it includes all the stuff on this chock-full-‘o-guilty-pleasures board that we want to eat. Like, for example, the tempura fish tacos, meatballs in South Philly gravy, lobster grilled cheese sandwiches and–gasp!–confit chicken drumettes with Buffalo wing sauce, Jasper Hill blue cheese dip and celery.

Rhino Bar [Official]


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