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Pumpkin-Spice Up Your Life: 18 Healthy Pumpkin Recipes to Make Now

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In case you haven’t heard the terrible news, there may be a pumpkin shortage headed our way this fall. The majority of pumpkins grown in the U.S. come from Illinois (who knew?) and, after a ton of rain in June, much of the crop was washed out. As one crop scientist told TIME, when it comes to canned pumpkin, “I would not wait until November 20th … I’d buy it whenever it comes to the store.” Yikes.

The thought of fighting for a can of pumpkin puree in a Whole Foods aisle is a bummer in more than one way. For one, pumpkin is an easy way to sneak all sorts of good stuff into your diet: fiber, which keeps you nice and full, vitamins A and C, betacarotene, and potassium. So we say start squeezing all your seasonal pumpkin fixes in now. Below, 18 recipes — from vegan pumpkin cinnamon rolls to Paleo pumpkin curry — to make, stat. Now, here’s to hoping none of us has to go head-to-head with a stranger for a can of pumpkin come Thanksgiving.  Read more »


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