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Coatesville High Schoolers Pose With Swastika-, KKK-Carved Pumpkins

pumpkins, coatesville

The image, as blurred by 6ABC Action News. The swastika symbol appeared on the first pumpkin on the left.

It’s a deeply unsettling photo.

An image of several Chester County teenagers posing with swastika- and KKK-carved pumpkins is making the rounds on the internet. According to the Coatesville Area School District, the teens pictured are current and former Coatesville Area High School students.  Read more »

Make: Super-Creamy (Dairy-Free!) Pumpkin Turkey Chili

Pumpkin Turkey Chili | Photo by Rebecca Boyd

The pumpkin spice craze makes me laugh. Best-ever jab was a sign I saw outside of an auto shop that advertised their “pumpkin spice motor oil.” I used to dismiss the idea of pumpkin chili because the two ideas didn’t meld in my mind. Turns out I can be wrong sometimes  — I know, it was a shock to me, too. It’s almost like magic, but the taste of pumpkin is nowhere to be found and instead you’re left with creamy chili (sans dairy) that’s, if possible, healthier than your average version.

This recipe makes a great big batch, which I love, because I can get another night’s dinner out of it and it’s also gorgeously healthy. Here’s to Sunday football fare with an extra dose of nourishment.

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