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This Is the Vegan Roadie’s Favorite Vegan Dish in Philly

vegan roadie leadIf you haven’t heard of the Vegan Roadie, also known as Dustin Harder, it’s time you get to know him. The plant-based chef (and theatrical dog trainer!), has been traveling around the country  trying all the vegan dishes he can at all the restaurants he can squeeze into his days, all so he can create a roadmap of sorts for vegans across America. So far, he’s made it to over 20 cities — and did I mention he’s been filming his travels for his web series, The Vegan RoadieRead more »

This Is Awesome: P.S. & Co. Is Giving Away a 5-Course Dinner for Two

Photo via Instagram | @psandco

Photo via Instagram | @psandco

If you love the all-organic, vegan and gluten-free grub at Rittenhouse’s P.S. & Co., you’re in luck: They just announced a photo contest with the drool-worthy prize of two spots at the table for one of their weekly five-course prix-fixe dinners. And all you have to do is Instagram your food (which, let’s be honest, you would probably do anyway, right?). Tickets to the prix-fixe dinner usually cost $58 per person, so I’d say getting two freebies is a serious score.
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