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Prohibition Taproom

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Kensington Quarters’s Night of the Living Cider Is Better Than Costumes and Candy

Kensington Quarters | Photo by Ryan Scott

Want to go out on Halloween, but don’t want to spend the night surrounded by binge drinkers in Sexy Border Wall costumes? Kensington Quarters has a considerably more genteel — and delicious — alternative: Night of the Living Cider, a celebration of natural ciders and small plates made by guest chefs from around the city.

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Get Custom-Crafted Sips at Prohibition Taproom’s Bespoke Cocktail Night

Photo courtesy of Prohibition Taproom

Prohibition Taproom has long been known for its excellent craft beer list — but did you know they’ve got a great cocktail program, too?

And to show you just how special it is, the folks behind the bar are highlighting their spirits-based beverages with Bespoke Cocktail Night each Monday.

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Let’s Be Honest: Soft-Shell Crabs Are Better as Sandwiches

Photo provided by ITV’s Kyle McCormick

There are only two reasons why we get so giddy when soft-shell season comes around, two reasons why we like eating them at all:

  1. Eating soft-shell crabs is a no-fuss way of eating crabs (which is an otherwise very fussy experience with the shell on).
  2. It makes us feel alive.

Digging into them with a fork and knife — really, eating any animal whole like that — is a pretty primal experience in itself.

But let’s take it a step further, shall we? Let’s chomp into them without using any utensils at all. Let’s just stuff them between bread and rip into them like the beasts that we are. We’re at the top of this food chain, so we might as well act like it.

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