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North Shore Beach Club

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Is the Ex-Owner of Philly’s Hottest Swim Club Selling Fake Memberships?

A typical day at the Northern Liberties pool. Inset: Former North Shore Beach Club owner and operator Brian Nagele.

A typical day at the Northern Liberties pool. Inset: Former North Shore Beach Club owner and operator Brian Nagele.

Monarch Swim Club is not your average swimming pool. At just over four feet deep, the seasonal pool at the Piazza in Northern Liberties doesn’t actually see much swimming. Instead, it’s where the buff and the beautiful go to ogle, drink, and work on their tans. But as management works to get Monarch ready for the season, a big old behind-the-scenes drama is unfolding. Read more »

DEAL ALERT: North Shore Beach Club Offering Half-Off 2016 Memberships

Courtesy of North Shore Beach Club

Courtesy of North Shore Beach Club

If you’re thinking of getting a membership at North Shore Beach Club next year, it’s time to put your plan-ahead hat on and act.

The Northern Liberties swimming hole is offering an early-bird discount on its 2016 memberships, granting the first 100 people to sign up a 50-percent-off discount. There are two different membership types available: One that gets you in during the week only and the full membership which gets you in anytime the doors are open. With the discount, the prices will be $150 and $300, respectively.

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North Shore Beach Club: “We Are Not to Blame for LGBT Pool Party Cancellation”

This week, Philly LGBT party producer Josh Schonewolf (Songbird, Mr. Everything) announced on Facebook that his weekly LGBT swim party at North Shore Beach Club, Drink or Swim, had been canceled. The post generated a lot of comments from disappointed swimmers and some who called North Shore homophobic. That latter comment stems from a situation in 2013 when several events were canceled following a particularly disorganized QFest event.

Schonewolf told me that, prior to being canceled, he’d received “five different excuses,” before eventually being told that they wouldn’t be doing any promotional events. “The way they went about it was really dismissive,” he told me. “This event meant a lot to a lot of LGBT folks, and they wouldn’t even schedule a meeting to discuss bringing it back. … It’s a hot mess.”

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