Nom Nom Ramen

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New Menu Items at Nom Nom Ramen

nom-nom-ramen-bowlCenter City’s Nom Nom Ramen has recently expanded and rearranged its menu. New sides include spicy edamame, blistering shishito peppers and crispy shrimp wrapped in noodles.

And also on the menu as a special, a wasabi seaweed salad with pickled daikon and ginger dressing.

At lunch today, we were quite pleased with the crispy shrimp which delivered a satisfying crunch and an aioli with kick. It was also the first time we ordered the Special Toroniku Ramen which adds bean sprouts, a soft boiled egg and slices of pork cheek to the ramen experience. It made for one filling and satisfying meal.

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Nom Nom Lives Up to Its Moniker

Brian Freedman finds Nom Nom Ramen to be a great success. He also tries out the Hiyahsi chilled noodle dish.

Karai miso sizzles with a pleasant, tingling heat. The broth itself, a creamy miso tonkotsu, glows sunset-toned, and the sweet-earthy black garlic sauce atop the pork belly provides an excellent counterpart. Hiyashi chilled ramen, perfect for this ridiculous heat wave we’ve been suffering through, is a cool plateful of noodles, chashu pork, mushrooms, tomago, thin-sliced cucumbers, bean sprouts and pickled ginger, dressed with a sesame-soy vinaigrette. It’s a light, flavorful option—perfect in the summer.

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