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Miss Rachel’s Pantry

  • Cuisine:
  • Alcohol: BYOB
  • Price: $$$
  • Accepts Credit Cards: Yes

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Black Metal Vegan Pizza


See that? That’s a lovely picture of the interior of Miss Rachel’s Pantry, the vegetarian and vegan-friendly market and restaurant on Chadwick Street, just off Passyunk Avenue. It’s a cute spot. The kind of place where they love vegetables, gentle kittens, casseroles and farmhouse decor.

And also, apparently, Death Metal.

Check out the Pantry’s latest Instagram post after the jump. I promise you it will be the best food thing you see all day.

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The Magic of Miss Rachel’s Pantry: The Vegan Dinner I Haven’t Stopped Thinking About for Months

The communal table at Miss Rachel's Pantry | Photo via Facebook

The communal table at Miss Rachel’s Pantry | Photo via Facebook

If I’ve seemed at all distracted for the past couple months, that’s because I have been — by mushroom bacon. Mushroom bacon bits, actually. On a Saturday night back in December, I sat down to dinner at the 12-person table at South Philly vegan eatery Miss Rachel’s Pantry, and she served up some vegan scallops — king oyster mushrooms cut about one-inch thick and cooked, magically, in a way that imitated the texture of scallops — topped with mushroom bacon bits. My friend — the kind of person who orders a side of sausage and mac and cheese at Honey’s at 10 in the morning on a Sunday, i.e. someone who wouldn’t rank vegan food as high on her priorities list — exclaimed, and I quote, “This actually tastes just like bacon. ACTUALLY.” I haven’t stopped thinking about that mushroom bacon since. Read more »

Leave Thanksgiving Cooking to Someone Else

Bring home this turkey and Percy Street will donate a turkey to a local food bank.

Bring home this turkey and Percy Street will donate a turkey to a local food bank.

Not looking to get that blood pressure above 120/80 or your stove above 425º, then here are some Thanksgiving suggestions for the cooking averse.

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