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Leave Thanksgiving Cooking to Someone Else

Bring home this turkey and Percy Street will donate a turkey to a local food bank.

Bring home this turkey and Percy Street will donate a turkey to a local food bank.

Not looking to get that blood pressure above 120/80 or your stove above 425º, then here are some Thanksgiving suggestions for the cooking averse.

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So How About Some (More) Lobster?

lobster-london-grillYes, we’ve may have mentioned lobster a few times in the recent past. But it is really out of the goodness of our hearts that we’re trying to make sure you get some lobster in you before the end of the summer.

So, on the off chance you haven’t had any yet, here’s more for you. Plus, this deal at the London Grill runs from the beginning of August through Labor Day, so you’ll have all the time you need to get your fill.

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More Bastille Day Fun From London Grill (Because Sure, Why Not?)


Who says Bastille Day has to just be for the French? Terry and Michael McNally from London Grill and Paris Wine Bar (which, oddly, is not part of the celebration) are back again, throwing their annual Bastille Day party in Fairmount with a ton of events, food, drink and weirdness (like Marie Antoinette impersonators, Tastykakes and the storming of Eastern State Penitentiary.)

This celebration actually started yesterday with a bar crawl sponsored by French brewery Kronenbourg. But it’s continuing on throughout the weekend. Check out the full schedule of events below.

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