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Locust Rendezvous

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  • Accepts Credit Cards: Yes

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Tonight: Some Phillies Deals

Last night we asked Twitter who has some good Phillies deals going on. Since we got no replies here are a couple that we spotted along Locust Street. Locust Rendezvous is offering $3 Victory Headwaters Pale Ale and down the block Misconduct Tavern has several varieties of craft beer cans for just $3 too.

If you have any other suggestions, please add them in the comments.

My Rendezvous with Flavored Vodka

In my little food world, where I serve as chief cook, bottle washer and benevolent dictator, I do not permit flavored vodkas. I am against them, I don’t believe in them and I shun them. Unless they are free, in which case I will drink them happily. Did I mention this was my little food world? I make the rules here. Don’t argue with me.

Of course, as a dictator – even a benevolent one – I can turn on a dime. I must have whims and they must be catered to! So I’m upending my flavored vodka ban for one product only:

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