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Lacroix Goes Straight Prix-Fixe

Lacroix-940Lacroix, the longstanding restaurant at Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Hotel is changing things up. Chef Jon Cichon has announced that the restaurant is going to a single, five-course tasting menu. Dinner at Lacroix will now be locked in at $105 per person plus an optional $85 wine pairing.

The format, which has debuted  with this week’s fall menu, offers some choices but other courses are fixed like the grilled Maine Lobster. A tail and claw is poached for this dish and topped with shaved and lightly pickled persimmon, curried persimmon puree and served with a lobster, pumpkin, celery leaf jus atop celery root puree.

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The Checkup: Philly Study Validates Your Outrageous Lacroix Addiction

• The folks at the Monell Chemical Senses Center, right here in Philly, have figured out why your recycling bin is overflowing with Lacroix cans (coconut flavored, if you’re like me — so good): According to a study, to be published in the journal Plus One, cold carbonated beverages are the ultimate thirst quenchers, scientifically speaking. By the way, word to the wise: You’re pronouncing Lacroix wrong. [Vice]

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You’ve Been Pronouncing “LaCroix” All Wrong

Just now, my boyfriend was sitting across the kitchen table from me reading the August issue of Bon Appetit (Philly gets a couple of nods in the mag’s Best New Restaurants feature, by the way), when out of nowhere, he asked me, “How do you say ‘LaCroix‘?” I answered, “Uhhhhh, ‘La-qua,’ DUH.” (I am an obnoxious human, especially directly following my first few servings of caffeine for the day.) He answered back, “Wrong.” I slumped down in my chair in shame.

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