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The Trick to Protect Your Teeth From Your LaCroix Addiction (Without Giving It Up)

If you were to peek into my recycling bin on trash day, you would see the signs of a true LaCroix addict: cans upon cans upon CANS of coconut-flavored LaCroix piled high, with the occasional chickpea pasta box thrown in the mix. But mostly LaCroix cans.

My dentist probably wouldn’t approve: Last year, the Atlantic pointed out that the carbonic acid in seltzer or sparkling water (the stuff that gives it that addictive fizz) can wear away at your tooth enamel. One of the dentists they spoke with said that, for the average person, a love for non-sugary carbonated drinks probably wouldn’t be the leading cause for the death of their cavity-free status, but depending on how much sugar and acid is in your diet, it could contribute.

Say it with me: NOOOOOOO. But the good news: As the Huffington Post pointed out yesterday, when it comes to acidic drinks and your teeth, it’s more about how you drink them, not necessarily how much of them you drink.

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Lacroix Chef Jon Cichon Guests at James Beard House, Celebrates with Outdoor Pop-Up

2016's Aubergine pop-up / Lacroix at The Rittenhouse

2016’s Aubergine pop-up / Lacroix at The Rittenhouse

Lacroix, the luxe restaurant inside the Rittenhouse Hotel headed by chef Jon Cichon, is celebrating more than just their new spring menu. Cichon and his team will be taking a trip to New York’s famed James Beard House in June, and they’re celebrating at home with a return of their vegetable-focused, outdoor pop-up restaurant, Aubergine.

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