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La Colombe Torrefaction – Fishtown

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  • Alcohol: Beer, Liquor, Wine
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Todd Carmichael Completes Tom Hanks’ White House Press Corps Gift

Todd Carmichael, CEO of La Colombe shows off his latest creation: Draft latte in a can. (Photo by Jared Shelly)

Todd Carmichael, CEO of La Colombe shows off his latest creation: Draft latte in a can. (Photo by Jared Shelly)

As if we needed another reason to confirm Todd Carmichael’s distinguished greatness, the La Colombe CEO, who’s typically globe-trotting and thinking up plans to revolutionize how we caffeinate, just got political.

Last week, after Tom Hanks sent a new coffee machine to the White House pressroom, Carmichael followed suit by sending a shipment of coffee to the press corps.  Read more »

La Colombe Draft Lattes In Space

LaColombeMochaOkay, so here’s the deal. Todd Carmichael–the man behind La Colombe, the man responsible for the caffeination of a significant percentage of Philadelphians on any given day–is kind of a weirdo. But he’s also kind of a genius weirdo because, among other things, he’s the guy who came up with the idea for putting La Colombe draft lattes in cans. (He also walked, alone, 700 miles across Antarctica to the South Pole, but that’s a whole other story.)

We now have two large pieces of news regarding both said cans and Carmichael’s inherent oddity (or, one might say, excellent marketing instincts). First, La Colombe canned draft lattes are about to be released nationwide in a bunch of big-name stores (something that’s never been done before).

And second, Todd Carmichael is launching a draft latte into space. Which has (as far as I know) also never been done before.

We have a video. You should really check it out.

Read more »

La Colombe Releases A New Draft Latte

LaColombeMochaLa Colombe has been going big into the canned/draft coffee market. In the past several months they’ve released their Original, Triple and Vanilla draft lattes, plus a Pure Black cold-pressed coffee in a can.  And yesterday, they added a fifth product with their new canned Mocha Draft Latte.

It’s a cold beverage that includes frothy milk, cold-pressed espresso and real cocoa. A 4-pack will run you $12.

And La Colombe isn’t slowing down either. There’s another product in the pipeline already—the Pure Black & White, a cold-brew coffee with a splash of milk and pinch of sugar. The full La Colombe line is already available at Whole Foods stores all over the mid-Atlantic, and at select Target retailers nationwide. And in 2017, the local company is focusing on growing their national presence so that no matter where you roam, you’ll be able to get a can of coffee just like at home.

La Colombe [f8b8z]

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