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Jose Pistola’s Wins Twitter

The Jose Pistola’s Twitter account has been a consistent source of amusement. It had been run by Felicia D’Ambrosio who is just about as Twitter savvy as anyone can be but she’s now rocking the social media for Cook + Solo. Now the Pistola’s account is being run by Nick Cejas . And today he may have outdone himself.

Still in green, I see. #WalkOfSeamus
3/18/14, 9:35 AM

Mexican Craft Brewer Coming to Jose Pistola’s


Did you know Mexican craft beer existed? It came as a surprise to Jose Pistola’s as well. But this Sunday they’re welcoming Berber Brewing Co. to Philadelphia.

Berber is being imported by David Suro and Oscar Serrano. You probably know them Tequila’s Restaurant and Siembra Azul Tequila. They’ll be at Jose Pistola’s this Sunday starting at 10 p.m. to midnight as Pistola’s pours Berber’s beers and of course some tequila as well.

Even better, there will be some specials as well.

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Jose Pistola’s Crew Expands to Fishtown

pistolas-fishtownOver the weekend a photo posted to Twitter announced that Joe Gunn and his Jose Pistola’s crew was coming to Fishtown. Gunn, Casey Parker and Jose Pistola’s chef Adan Trinidad are taking over the former Bubba’s BBQ at 19 W Girard Avenue.

Michael Klein reports that the new beer bar serving Mexican food will be called Sancho Pistola’s. The bar is aiming to open before the Super Bowl with a menu that includes a raw bar, tacos, entrees and Mexican-Asian fused carnitas buns.

Sancho Pistola’s isn’t the only Mexican restaurant heading to the area. Calexico, an outfit out of New York will be opening at Frankford and Girard after their 16th and South Street location opens.

Jose Pistola's opening Sancho Pistola's in Fishtown [The Insider]

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