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Jane G’s

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Dim Sum House Now Open In University City


It was almost a year ago when we first heard about plans for an expansion of Jane G’s into University City. But now it looks like the waiting is over because the brand new Dim Sum House by Jane G’s is up and running at 3939 Chestnut Street, offering up dim sum, snacks, noodles and some old favorites seven days a week, from 11:30 in the morning until 2am.

So what does the menu look like? I’m so glad you asked…

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One Star for Jane G’s

Jane G’s aims to fill a pan-Asian void that Trey Popp isn’t sure exists. That it does so expensively and blandly doesn’t help the Center City restaurant.

It’s not that anything was awful—though it was really a shame that someone had turned a $38 quasi-Thai “bouillabaisse” into a lobster-themed salt lick. Chef Michael Chan executes Jane G’s menu ably enough. It’s just that the menu is by turns dated, overpriced, and more adventurous to read than to taste.

“Spicy Hunan Lamb” wasn’t spicy at all, but oversweet and gloopy, like weeknight takeout. What made the skewers of “Tibetan Lamb” Tibetan? A gentle dusting of cumin, apparently—because it can’t have been the (non-emulsified) satay sauce, the (better) teriyaki reduction, or the Tibet- goes-tiki pineapple juice marinade.

One Star – Fair

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Jane G’s Open for Business

Jane G’s, the new Chinese fusion restaurant at 1930 Chestnut, is now serving lunch and dinner for their soft opening. Jane Guo, former owner of Broad Street’s Noodle Heaven, has finally returned to Center City with her high-end take on foods from all over China. For now they are serving lunch from 11:30-2:30 p.m. and dinner from 5-11p.m. The restaurant plans to have its grand opening around August 15th.

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