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Twelve Drinks for the Holidays

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Hop Sing’s Happy Hour Gets Another Update

From Foobooz: Hop Sing Laundromat is a place known for cocktails–for mixing eclectic (and expensive) liquors with fresh-squeezed juices and coming out the other side with something so much greater than the sum of its parts. So it only makes sense, now that Lee has decided to launch a happy hour program, that he would base it around…shots.

Last week, we wrote about the new “Short Range Missiles” Happy Hour program at Hop Sing Laundromat–the all-shots based deal where you can get a pour of Maestro Dobel Reposado Tequila for $3.50 or some Yamazaki single-malt for $9.99.

Well, there have been some changes since then…

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New “Short Range Missiles” Happy Hour Program At Hop Sing

hop-sing-laundromat-full-bar-940 UPDATE: Apparently, it’s not entirely legal for Lê and Hop Sing to do their happy hour the way it was originally proposed–as a progressive tasting menu–because the law sees that as an enticement to make people drink more, which is a no-no. Thus, things have changed slightly. Now you can go in and order anything you want off the happy hour shots menu, in any order, and the prices and availability have been adjusted slightly to account for the change in format. Lee sez: “This is now the revised and correct prices for our Happy Hour as we’ve decided that maybe it isn’t a good idea to let our guests consume 4 shots in a row. After all, you both know that I am a huge fan of responsible drinking and the last thing that I wanted to see is drunk guests.” Check out the NEW menu below. Read more »

Twelve Drinks for the Holidays


With Thanksgiving looming and the holiday season descending upon us, we bet you’re going to need some new drink recipes. In the December, 2013 issue of Philadelphia magazine we asked George Reilly of Twisted Tail, Phoebe Esmon of Emmanuelle and of Hop Sing Laundromat to help us create twelve winter holiday drinks.


The 12 Best Winter Holiday Drinks [Philadelphia Magazine]

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