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A Cry for Help: My Lunch Order Has Become Too Embarrassing to Bear

Curry Tofu Wrap from HipCityVeg | Photo via Facebook

Curry Tofu Wrap from HipCityVeg | Photo via Facebook

A few weeks ago, I walked into HipCityVeg and one of the lovely workers walked over to me and said “Adjua,” — because yes, we are on a first name basis — “I have some bad news to tell you.” I responded with, “If you tell me the curry tofu wrap is going somewhere, I will have a panic attack right here, right now.” And she said, “No, I’m going somewhere. I’m moving.” She looked sad, and I was sad. After all, she knew my order with all its annoying modifications by heart. And then I realized: I go to the same lunch spot and order the same thing so often that the people who work there feel like they need to tell me when they are moving.


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This Is the Vegan Roadie’s Favorite Vegan Dish in Philly

vegan roadie leadIf you haven’t heard of the Vegan Roadie, also known as Dustin Harder, it’s time you get to know him. The plant-based chef (and theatrical dog trainer!), has been traveling around the country  trying all the vegan dishes he can at all the restaurants he can squeeze into his days, all so he can create a roadmap of sorts for vegans across America. So far, he’s made it to over 20 cities — and did I mention he’s been filming his travels for his web series, The Vegan RoadieRead more »

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