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Philly is the Late-Night Capital of the US

According to the September issue of Esquire, Philadelphia is the Late-Night Capital of these here United States. The issue’s late-night eats guide contains essays about the difference between truck stops and diners, the glory that is poutine (I’d say we agree), and tons of recipes for manly food to be eaten in the wee hours of the morning. Esquire even lists all the best late-night foods from all over America– from egg rolls in Chicago to fried chicken in Louisville– but without mentioning a single food from Philly. Why? Because we got our own article about why we’re the best ever, that’s why.

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Holy Crap! Grace Tavern Gets a New Menu Item!

From the antique Bevador beer fridge to the awesome old illuminated Eagles ad, it feels like Grace Tavern hasn’t changed very much over the years. And for regulars, the comfort and complaint is that the same can be said about the menu. Since the bar opened in May of 2004 the only significant changes we can remember is that the original lobster sandwich morphed into a tuna sandwich and there was a time when you could count on cake for dessert. But now there is a new special on the menu, a grilled chicken sandwich served with lettuce, tomato and Grace’s exceptional bourbon mayonaise. Not exactly earth shattering, but when you place a chicken breast on the same magical grill that produces all of Grace’s lauded burgers, you have a grilled chicken sandwich worth talking about.

The chicken is on special right now but employees and customers alike are hoping it is a permanent addition.

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What a Saturday

We usually post our Weekend picks on Friday but with the sheer number of events happening this Saturday we thought it would be best to give everyone a head-start on planning their weekend.

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