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The Good King Tavern

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Where To Eat Brunch Right Now


I don’t know if brunch has a season, really. But something about the warming temperatures and the clearing skies makes me think about lazy Sunday mornings full of waffles and liquor.

What’s more, there’s been a significant amount of movement in Philly’s brunch scene lately — the sense of an entire section of the restaurant industry gearing up for those same sunny days. We’ve got new brunches, updated brunches, bottomless brunches, all sorts of things. So for those of you out there for whom brunch is a vital part of the weekend routine, we’ve got some suggestions. A list of Where To Eat Brunch Right Now. And it begins with…

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Here Comes Another Good King Cider Supper

Good King/Facebook

Good King/Facebook

In January, the Good King Tavern hosted what they called a Cider Supper. It was an enormous success because cider is big now, duh, and Good King — well aware of the moment it’s having — is building a pretty fantastic in-house cider collection.

And they’re showing off the goods again this Wednesday, March 8th, at 7 p.m.

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Good King Tavern Is Hosting Their First Ever Cider Dinner

goodking.jpgMore and more, it seems like cider is going to be the next serious wave in the brewing industry. We’ve got bars dedicated to it, beverage managers giving over taps to it, and a whole bunch of local producers putting out some excellent product.

And now, there’s also this: On Wednesday, February 1, the crew at the Good King Tavern will be hosting their first cider pairing event. A “Cider Supper,” they’re calling it, and with it will also be the debut of the newest local cidery, Hale & True.

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