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These Philly Cocktails Are as Beautiful as They Are Boozy

Photo of Pineapple-Cinnamon Daiquiri by Michael Persico | Photo of R.R. Cigar by Will Figg

Trying to remember Philly before craft cocktails is like trying to remember life before cell phones. It’s nearly impossible. So now that every neighborhood beer-and-shot watering hole has French aperitifs, bartenders are upping the ante. Here, four new-to-market drinks that could double as works of art.

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Friday Saturday Sunday’s New Menu Is Pure Food Porn

It’s only been six months or so since Chad and Hanna Williams bought Rittenhouse institution Friday Saturday Sunday from its longtime owners, breaking it down and rebuilding it into something they could call their own. The decor, drinks, and food have been impressive from the start, and now we’re really wowed by Chad’s just-updated summertime menu. His dishes combine simple, carefully prepared ingredients in unexpected and delightful ways, and the new lineup is no different.

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First Look: Inside The New Friday Saturday Sunday


In 2004, I lived in an apartment across the street from Friday Saturday Sunday. It was one of those too-good-to-be-true Rittenhouse rentals and my roommates and I, fresh out of college and high on some Sex and the City imaginings of what our life in downtown Philadelphia would be like, were too naive to know better than to sign the lease. There was exposed wiring, a bathroom floor that sank noticeably when you stepped onto the tile, and for more than a month that winter, the absence of heat. What it had was location, and that’s something difficult to argue against.

Across the street, Friday Saturday Sunday. The upstairs glowed blue in the light from the fish tank illuminated bar. Downstairs, a steady trickle of neighborhood regulars for whom the place was an institution, tucking into bowls of mushroom soup. Frankly, I never quite understood the appeal, but I learned a lot that year—especially about tenant’s rights—and I understood the restaurant as a beloved institution in Philadelphia’s dining scene.

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