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Fountain Restaurant [CLOSED]

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First Look: Urban Farmer


Last year we said goodbye to a Philadelphia institution and a standard bearer of fine dining, The Fountain at the Four Seasons. Now, there’s a new kid in town. Urban Farmer Steakhouse opened a month ago in the historic restaurant space in what is now The Logan hotel. Just as Avance was always compared to Le Bec Fin, so too will Urban Farmer be compared to The Fountain, and the two are very, very different dining experiences.

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So Now We Know What Restaurant Will Be Replacing Fountain At The Four Seasons


We already know that Fountain at the Four Seasons is going to be going out on its own terms just a couple days after Christmas. Though breakfast and lunch service will be continuing, the final dinner service at Fountain is scheduled for December 27. We know that the Lounge will linger a bit, but that the whole shebang–the hotel and everything in it–will be shutting the doors for good in June of next year. The Four Seasons will be moving to the new Comcast World Domination Spire. Fountain? It’ll be a part of our collective history.

But as of yesterday, we now know two important things about the new operations at the Four Seasons’ former home. First, we know who’ll be managing day-to-day operations. Second, we know what restaurant is going to be replacing Fountain.

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Fountain Restaurant Announces Final Dinner Service


So this is it. We all knew it was coming, but now we have an actual date. The last dinner served at Fountain at the Four Seasons Hotel will be Saturday, December 27.

The official news came down yesterday, but that was just putting an end-date on something that most folks in the food world understood as inevitable. The Four Seasons hotel itself will be closing sometime in the next year (with plans to move into the new Comcast building), so Fountain–with more than thirty years behind it–was operating on borrowed time.

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