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Fette Sau

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Meat Week: Whiskey Dinner At Fette Sau

It doesn’t get much meatiFette_Sauer than the dining room at Fette Sau. Seriously, on a good day it almost seems like you could eat the air inside.

And now the Fishtown barbecue spot is hosting a whiskey dinner on Thursday, March 19 with whiskey brand, Sazerac.Because nothing in the world pairs better with meat–particularly barbecued meat–than brown liquors in all their wondrous variety.

The five-course menu will be paired with a variety of whiskey cocktails for $80 per person (including tax and tip).

Check out the board and pairings below.

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Six Pack: Philly’s Best Restaurants For Dining Out Alone

Photo by Jason Varney

Nothing wrong with a table for one at Vetri

Sure, dates and dinners with friends are nice, but sometimes you just want to grab a meal all by yourself. Maybe you’re too busy to make plans, or you just need some alone time. Or maybe you just want to order all the appetizers on the menu and not have to share them. Whatever your reason for dining alone, we’ve got the six best places in Philly to treat yourself.

So, you know, happy Valentine’s Day…

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More BBQ And Beer On A Tuesday Night: Fette Sau Hosts Founders Brewing For Harvest Ale Release


Founders Brewing will be serving up their seven best brews tonight at Fette Sau to celebrate the release of their newest addition–Harvest AleDark Penance, Dissenter and Backwoods Bastard will all be pouring tonight, plus a few others.

A ticket (only $14) will guarantee you a 10 oz pour of Harvest Ale, two smoked chicken legs, and a can of Founders Centennial in a Founders coozie. The fun starts at 5pm and tickets are limited, so snag one now by calling 215-391-4888. Or you can take your chances and just show up.

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