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Throw Back Thursdays: Di Bruno Bros

dibruno 9th street Long before Throwback Thursdays were a thing on Facebook and Twitter, we used to occasionally run a feature called Retro-raunts. But since Throwback Thursdays are the flavor of the day and PhillyHistory.org is still one of my favorite web sites, we were inspired to bring back the feature. Check out the above photo of the original Di Bruno Bros. from 1954. Look closely and you can make out the Di Bruno Bros. sign.

Throwback to 1954 [Di Bruno Bros. Twitter]
PhillyHistory.org [Official]

Rittenhouse Row Debuts Four-Night Culinary Event

Rittenhouse Row Culinary logo2_BlackThe forces of Rittenhouse RowKevin Sbraga, and Danielle DelRe, of Starr Restaurants, have come together to create an event that will be one to remember. From August 4th to the 7th, the restaurants of Rittenhouse Row will prepare meals unlike the ones on the traditional menus and give you a dining experience that is one of a kind. As of right now, 18 members will participate in the Rittenhouse Row Culinary Collective, but the list is growing.

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Discount Code For Bonkers DiBruno Bros. La Quercia Prosciutto Event

Remember last week when we told you about the amazing La Quercia prosciutto event coming to DiBruno Bros.? The one where you get to run around like a fat kid at a candy store for a couple hours, just cramming cured meats into your pork hole with both hands and chasing it all with beer from Yards and wine from Moore Brothers?

Of course you do. Because you’re not going to forget something like that. Especially when you can get in the door and be turned loose on some of the best prosciutto in the world for just $35.

Well guess what? Because you’re a Foobooz reader and because the folks over at DiBruno’s just love it when we get all geeked up about stuff like meat and cheese, you’re going to be able to get in even cheaper because we now have a discount code for you that’ll knock five bucks off the ticket price.

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