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Chez Georges at Le Bec Fin [CLOSED]

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Perrier Gets His Name Back, Chez Georges Is Now Le Bar at Le Bec Fin


This odd little nugget popped up on our Facebook page yesterday. Chez Georges, the downstairs bistro at Le Bec Fin, that was named for former owner Georges Perrier, was getting a name change.

Owner, Nicolas Fanucci told Michael Klein that the name change was made because Perrier’s people felt Chez George was too close other Perrier business interests.

Georges Perrier wants his name back [The Insider]

What To Eat During Center City Restaurant Week, Part 3: Chez Georges at Le Bec Fin


It’s that time again. Center City Restaurant Week is nearly upon us, and in order to help you, the loyal Foobooz readers, get the most bang for your buck, we’ve combed through all the menus being offered by the 100-plus restaurants participating this year and come up with a few ideal meals for you to consider. And today, we’ve got…

Chez Georges at Le Bec Fin: Back To The Future

$35 a head.

$35 a head to eat at Le Bec Fin.

Okay, so you’re not up on the main floor (Chez Georges is downstairs), but you still go in through the same door. You still stand in the same lobby. You’ll still be being fed by the same kitchen crew that’s serving the swells upstairs for 4 times the price. And the menu that’s being offered for Restaurant Week at Chez Georges is really a kind of throwback to the French classics that once made Le Bec one of the greatest restaurants in America.

Not bad for thirty-five bucks. Even if you do have to eat in the basement. So let’s see how to get the best out of this menu, shall we?

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Meet the Purveyors on Food Day at Chez Georges

This Wednesday is Food Day. The name may not be inventive but the nation-wide event does promote healthy, sustainable and affordable food as well as push to reform factory farms.

At Chez Georges beneath Le Bec Fin, Nicolas Fanucci and Walter Abrams are offering a $60 three-course dinner ($35 wine pairing option) that highlights the best that the Philadelphia area has to offer. Local purveyors and farmers for Le Bec Fin will be on hand to discuss their sustainable businesses.

And even if you clean your plates, you won’t leave empty-handed. A CSA goodie-bag will be given to all guests.

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