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6 Philly Development Projects That Are Springing Forward

Now that we’ve all had a chance to adjust to that that whole spring forward phenomenon, let’s take a few minutes to look at a handful of projects that are making progress as we officially head into spring. Remember, you’re not losing an hour of precious sleep, you’re gaining another hour of glorious sunlight!

Comcast Innovation and Technology Center:


Sure, the near-record breaking concrete pour at the turn of the year may have garnered all of the attention, but that’s winter type stuff. Spring will see the city’s soon-to-be-tallest building rise higher and higher out of the large hole at 19th and Arch. To be frank: that’s exciting. Comcast has recently said they’re going to take up all of the office space within the building and it’s possible that it’s not the last one in the area for the cable goliath. Don’t forget: the Four Seasons will also become one of Philly’s most exclusive hotels as it moves from the Parkway all the way up to the top floors of the CITC.

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GIFs: Demolition of the Buildings at 15th and Walnut


Walking down 15th Street yesterday afternoon, a line of people were pressed up against the buildings on the west side of the street. They all had their necks craned to watch the ongoing demolition of the buildings that will one day become the most gorgeous Cheesecake Factory you’ll ever see. So I took video and made some animated GIFs.

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Demolition Begins on Cheesecake Factory Site


Demolition has begun at the corner of 15th and Walnut Streets. That can only mean one thing, Cheesecake Factory will be here before you know it. And if that makes your soul ache a bit, at least it’s going to be a Cheesecake Factory in a really nice building.

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