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Cajun Kate’s

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  • Price: $$
  • Accepts Credit Cards: Yes

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Around The Web: This is Making Us Hungry Edition

turbotover_tinto - Photo by Grub Street

Photo by Grub Street

Grub Street’s Food Chain makes its way back to Philadelphia as New York restaurant owner Christian Pappanicholas praises the Rodaballo a la Plantxa (turbot, sauce pastis, baby fennl and citrus) at Tinto. [Grub Street]

Maria Valetta loves the Lockhart deal at Percy Street Barbeque, where you get to sample the entire menu for just $24. [Sips Bites and Sites]

CE Phood gets the “famous crepe” at Paul during “Neighborhood Appreciation” night where the prix-fixe is just $20. [CE Phood]

Philly Phoodie heads out to Cajun Kate’s where the highlight among highlights is the deep fried mac and cheese wedges filled with tasso ham and crab meat. [Philly Phoodie]

Drawing for Food experiences the “Polish Hot Dogs” from Czerw’s Kielbasy. As a friend’s shirt used to say, “nobody beats Czerw’s meat.” [Drawing for Food]

Kirsten Henri makes pizza at Zavino. The key to good dough? Don’t overwork it. [Grub Street]

Veggicurious bites into the Tartufo pizza (black truffle, fontina, egg, Parmesan) at Pizzeria Stella. [Veggicurious]

Food Blog Round Up

It was all good, but the Pollo a la Brasa ruled the roost at El Balconcito in the Northeast. [The Philadining Blog]

Foodzings hadn’t been to Dmitri’s but made up for it with a feast. Great, now we’re jonesing. [Foodzings]

Uncle Jimmy enjoys a “grrreat mint tea” at Shouk and offers some sage dating advice as well. [Uncle Jimmy Eats]

Philadining discovers Cajun Kate’s in Boothwyn and is hooked. [The Philadining Blog]

Foodzings goes off the menu at Sang Kee in Chinatown and the lemongrass wings were well worth it. [Foodzings]

It’s Moore Brothers Wine and fine Italian food at Mezza Luna in South Philly. [Moore Bros. Blog]

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