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Ramen Boy Has Gas Problems


Meal Ticket has the story that PGW has knocked out the gas service to the just opened Ramen Boy. A skeptic might suggest this temporary closure has something to do with the damning early reviews from Yelp and elsewhere. Us, we’re just wondering what is up with the Gas Company, as the Chestnut Street Burger.Org had to close down for a couple days after they opened because of gas line problems.

Ramen Boy temporarily closed [Meal Ticket]

Quick Bites: Snow White Replacement & Fishtown Progress is rapidly transforming the former greasy spoon Snow White diner at 19th and Chestnut. Today the walls are being brightly painted orange, yellow and lime green.

Mugshots on Fairmount Avenue will be moving out of their corner location this March. A dispute with the landlord will have the coffee shop moving to a still under construction location at 1921-29 Fairmount. [The Insider]

Little Baby’s Ice Cream is going in front of the Fishtown Neighbors Association on Tuesday, January 17th to seek approval for a storefront at 2311 Frankford Avenue. [Meal Ticket]

EGG (East Girard Gastropub) is celebrating its grand opening on Thursday. The former Fathom is offering complimentary samples from the menu between 6 and 9 p.m and then a latenight happy hour from 10 p.m to 1 a.m. [EGG]

There’s a liquor license on the wall at 1306 Frankford Avenue. What it will wind up being, well that seems to be very up in the air. [Meal Ticket]

Gaja Gaja has closed on South Street after a decent four year run. [City Paper]

Burger.Org Gets Reviewed

Brian Freedman reviews, the fast-serve organic burger spot on South Street.

Though none of these sandwiches yet live up to the juicy, chin-dripping level of so many others in the city (most of them surely corn-fed, factory-farmed and plumped up like a guest on Maury) there also wasn’t one that I’d vow to never have again. That may sound like damning with faint praise, but it’s actually a nod toward what the Org has accomplished: Inexpensive, house-ground, relatively ethical burgers that taste pretty good.

South Street Burger Joint Hits the Dot [Philadelphia Weekly]

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