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Anyone Interested In Brunch At Bufad?


We know that Philly is already lousy with brunch spots. On a Saturday or Sunday morning it’s hard to walk a hundred feet in any direction without someone shoving a mimosa and a an egg sandwich into your hands. And while we’re certainly not complaining, it takes a lot to make another brunch in Philly worthwhile these days.

Which is why it’s good that this newest one is being done by the crew from Bufad.

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New Menus (And Cheap Tuesday Pizzas) At Bufad


See that pie up there? That’s the rabbit ragu pizza from Bufad’s new fall menu–just launched in conjunction with a whole bunch of other new stuff that Bufad has been rolling out recently.

It’s a lovely thing, that pizza. And it joins other like the spaghetti squash pie with chiles, oregano, ricotta, pangrattato and a baked egg; a fall vegetable salad with kale (because everything still has to come with kale), and a full spread of Roman pizzas. And the new menu is just a start.

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$8 Pizzas All Day at Bufad: Meatless Mid-Week on Wednesday


Meatless Mid-Week: Pizza topped with eggplant, basil, pine nuts, and raisins.

Tuesday isn’t just about tacos. Bufad offers $8 margherita pizzas all day on Tuesdays. And that deal is available whether you eat-in or get your pizzas to go.

But Tuesday isn’t the only day that Bufad offers something special. On Wednesdays, the 13th and Spring Garden Street pizza spot is offering Meatless Midweek. For $35 a couple, you get a four-course dinner to share.

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