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Where To Eat Brunch Right Now


I don’t know if brunch has a season, really. But something about the warming temperatures and the clearing skies makes me think about lazy Sunday mornings full of waffles and liquor.

What’s more, there’s been a significant amount of movement in Philly’s brunch scene lately — the sense of an entire section of the restaurant industry gearing up for those same sunny days. We’ve got new brunches, updated brunches, bottomless brunches, all sorts of things. So for those of you out there for whom brunch is a vital part of the weekend routine, we’ve got some suggestions. A list of Where To Eat Brunch Right Now. And it begins with…

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Sunday Dinners For Two At Bufad


Bufad has always been a solid place for the Spring Garden neighbors to pick up Roman and Neapolitan pizzas, snacks, the occasional pasta like hand-cut fettucine with a rabbit ragu.

But now, they’re also doing a full-on Sunday dinner for two–their Sunday Gravy program. And here’s how it works.

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Anyone Interested In Brunch At Bufad?


We know that Philly is already lousy with brunch spots. On a Saturday or Sunday morning it’s hard to walk a hundred feet in any direction without someone shoving a mimosa and a an egg sandwich into your hands. And while we’re certainly not complaining, it takes a lot to make another brunch in Philly worthwhile these days.

Which is why it’s good that this newest one is being done by the crew from Bufad.

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