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Brick American Eatery

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Brick American Eatery Lands Like a Brick

Brian Freedman has a disastrous time of it at Brick American Eatery on the 1700 block of Lombard Street.

[I]t’s the food that really burrowed into my soul and elicited a deep, break-up-style depression. An order of duck nachos was a plate of—wait for it—four chips. Each was topped with a forgettable duck confit, a glop of crema, and pedestrian avocado mousse. The chips were straight from a bag and heading toward stale, and seasoned with a spice blend as electrifying as an afternoon at the DMV. There also was no perceptible acid or other sign of life in this overpriced hillock of mediocrity. Chicken fried rock shrimp were encased in a gluey carapace that was made additionally repellent by a buffalo-wing-style sauce and “Maytag aioli” whose juxtaposition of funkiness and high-toned heat did a disservice to actual Buffalo-style anything I’ve had recently.

Everything About Brick, in Rittenhouse, Is Lovely—Except for the Food [Philadelphia Weekly]
Brick American Eatery [Official Site]

Brick American Eatery Opening Tonight

The former Fish at 1708 Lombard Street is set to open this evening as Brick American Eatery. Jolly Weldon is behind the new spot with consulting help from Fish’s Mike Stollenwerk. Stollenwerk was initially going to have a more active role in the project but he is focusing on the new Fish at 13th and Locust. Michael Klein has more details, including the menu. Fish fans will be happy to see there is still skate with brown butter on the  menu.

Brick American Eatery to Debut [The Insider]
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Quick Bites: Stollenwerk Replaces Stollenwerk, Swanky’s Bubble Bursts

When Mike Stollenwerk’s Fish moves to its bigger digs at 13th and Locust the Lombard Street restaurant space will be replaced by Mike Stollenwerk’s Brick American Eatery. This more casual neighborhood spot will not be seafood only but will rather serve up venison jerky and Wagyu short ribs. [Meal Ticket]

Speaking of Stollenwerk, his Fathom Seafood House will now be known as East Girard Gastropub (EGG). Egads. [The Insider]

The Broad Street Diner is getting closer. As Naked Philly notes, the spot has a nice shiny exterior and new sign. [Naked Philly]

Rebel Rock Bar & Bites is planning to open in the same strip mall as Delilah’s Den and Zee Bar. They’re advertising locally but not saying much yet. [Rebel]

Swanky Bubbles has closed on Front Street. Its appearance on Bar Rescue and subsequent rebranding as Sheer didn’t turn around the Old City lounge. [The Insider]

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