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It Looks Like The Big Gay Ice Cream Shop Is Actually Going To Open

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We first started talking about the possibility of the Big Gay Ice Cream guys coming to Philly back in June. Everything since then? Expectation, speculation and wondering what the hell was taking so long.

But today, we finally got something of an answer. Apparently, the Big Gay Ice Cream team has been hung up waiting for permits (welcome to Philly, fellas…). They announced their breakthrough via Twitter.

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Big Gay Ice Cream Coming to Broad and South


Big Gay Ice Cream was next to Kevin Sbraga last night and will be again this summer.

As expected, Big Gay Ice Cream announced at Marc Vetri’s Great Chefs Event that the ice cream business is indeed coming to Philadelphia. The popular ice cream shop is going to be located on the South Street side of the SouthStar Lofts at Broad and South. Kevin Sbraga will be taking up the rest of the ground floor retail with his third restaurant.

Big Gay Ice Cream opened its first store in 2011 in the East Village and added a West Village outpost in 2012. Like Philadelphia, Los Angeles will also be adding a Big Gay Ice Cream in the summer of 2014.

Big Gay Ice Cream [Official]

Big Gay Ice Cream Is Reportedly Coming to Philadelphia

big gay ice cream philadelphiaG Philly has the details on an announcement that is expected to come tonight at Marc Vetri’s Great Chefs Event. It sounds like New York’s Big Gay Ice Cream is heading to Philadelphia.

Yes, it sure sounds like Salty Pimp is coming to town.

The Scoop: Is Big Gay Ice Cream Coming to Philly? [G Philly]

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