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With Gravy Joint, the Virtual Restaurant Trend Officially Arrives in Philly

Last year, Ryan and Gabrielle Rubino opened BarOne across the street from their family’s restaurant — and the oldest Italian restaurants in the country — Ralph’s. As it is, the bar’s a complete departure from the old-school, red sauce stylings of its 9th Street cousin. It’s new and modern with small plates, nifty cocktails and craft beer, and while it does just fine on the Bella Vista bar scene (especially since the departure of Neuf and Coeur), there’s always opportunity for growth.

So, the Rubinos are launching a new restaurant called Gravy Joint. They’re going the fast-casual route because it’s 2017, and every restaurant owner needs some sort of off-shoot quick-serve. And, of course, it’ll be based in South Philly.

Well, sort of.

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BarOne: A South Philly Family’s Bar

barone-940The fifth generation of the family who brought you Ralph’s now brings you a casual Italian bar and eatery across the street from the South Philly institution. Siblings Ryan and Gabrielle Rubino, managers of the family restaurants, present BarOne, whose grand opening is set for Friday October 21st.

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