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A Chance to Support America by Eating Caviar

Celebrating Silver in 2015 at the Bocuse d'Or.

Celebrating Silver in 2015 at the Bocuse d’Or.

If you like chanting USA, USA, USA in any setting then I hope you’ll be watching tonight’s vital USA vs. Canada game at the World Cup of Hockey. But if you’re not a hockey fan, or just more of a fan of dover sole and 40-day aged prime steak then there’s another event to get excited about.

This Friday, Barclay Prime is hosting a fundraiser for the American team competing at the 2017 global culinary competition, The Bocuse d’Or in Lyon, France. STARR Restaurant chefs Alex Lee, Sebastien Rouxel and Barclay Prime executive chef Mark Twersky will prepare a special dinner featuring caviar, dover sole and 40-day aged prime  New York strip steak.

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Where We’re Eating: Barclay Prime


Ten years into its existence on Rittenhouse Square, Stephen Starr’s first Philadelphia steakhouse remains the city’s most stylish and expense-account-crushing ode to red meat. As at Starr’s supper-clubby Butcher and Singer, service here is A-1. But while Butcher and Singer is the kind of place you can take Mom to for an impressive birthday dinner, Barclay Prime is the type of modern see-and-be-seen dining room where you’ll be embarrassed when she shows up in anything less than Prada. Skip the gimmicky wagyu-foie cheesesteak and cut into the signature rib eye. Just expect to drop $150 to $200 per person if you’re going all in.

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To Do: Vegan Dinner with a Steakhouse Chef (Really!)


I don’t have enough thumbs to put up (you know, like thumbs up?) to convey how awesome I think the upcoming Foobooz After Dark event is. So you’ll have to accept my two measly thumbs, but envision many, many more.

The event, which our friends over at Foobooz are hosting (duh), is a one-night-only vegan dinner on Saturday, March 29th, with Barclay Prime chef Jeff Froehler, who will be manning the kitchen sans animal products at Passyunk Square’s new Vegan Commissary. So yes, a steakhouse chef cooking a meat-free dinner. Seriously, y’all: The Foobooz guys tell me this food will be phenomenal.

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