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Baan Thai

  • Neighborhood:
  • 1030 North American Street, Philadelphia, PA
  • Phone: 215-238-1219
  • Cuisine:
  • Price: $
  • Accepts Credit Cards: Yes

Latest About Baan Thai

Homegrown Ingredients Make the Difference at Baan Thai


Brian Freedman dines at Baan Thai in Northern Liberties and finds dishes inspired by their homegrown ingredients.

Rad-nar—tender, slippery flat rice noodles—are listed as being topped with a homemade “gravy,” a word that I’ve rarely experienced having been used so accurately as it is here. This was a gravy in the old-school sense, meaty, glistening and built from a stock that’s boiled down each morning. A nuanced, clear-flavored tom yum, rooted in a homemade chicken stock, also benefitted from the kitchen’s DIY insistence.

Personal Touches Take The Dishes at Baan Thai to a Whole New Level [Philadelphia Weekly]

Photo by Felicia Perretti

Sonata in Northern Liberties Has Closed

A tipster informed us that Sonata in Northern Liberties has closed. The menu is down from outside the door and the windows covered. A call to the BYOB’s voicemail confirmed that they were closed for business as of yesterday and thanked their customers for three years of patronage.

Even in Craig LaBan’s praise filled review of Mark Tropea’s food at Sonata back in 2010, the sustainability of the business was a major concern.

Hopefully we’ll soon see Tropea cooking again soon.

UPDATE: Eater is reporting that a new Thai restaurant, Baan Thai, will be taking over the space.