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Animo Juice

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Latest About Animo Juice

New Seasonal Vegan Supper Club Coming to Center City

You know when you make plans to go to a dinner party and the person hosting asks “Any dietary restrictions?” and then you ask yourself: Do I email them back and say “Yes, actually: No dairy, no gluten and no soy, if possible. xoxo ” and pray they don’t murder you? Or do you keep your mouth shut so you don’t get crossed off their dinner-party invite list forever? If you are vegan or gluten-free, you’ve probably found yourself hovering over your keyboard wondering whether to type away or keep mum, but a new vegan and gluten-free supper club coming to Center City, delightfully dubbed the Feast, lets you have your dinner-party fun minus the awkward “I can’t eat this. Or that.” conversation. Hallelujah! Read more »

Cancel Your Saturday Plans: Animo Is Hosting a Sweet Yoga Brunch

Photo courtesy Animo Juice

Photo courtesy Animo Juice

Cancel your plans for Saturday morning, because these plans are better — I’m sure of it. This Saturday, October 17th, the folks at Animo Juice’s Center City location, at 17th and Arch Streets, are hosting a morning yoga class followed by an all-you-can-eat vegetarian and vegan brunch bar and bottomless mimosas made with fresh-pressed juice. See? I told you these plans were better than whatever you had in your calendar. Read more »

Six Pack: Philly’s Newest Breakfast Options


Breakfast may have recently been demoted from its most important meal status, but that doesn’t mean that we’re skipping it entirely–especially considering that fact that there are some new hitters (or at least new options), in the morning line-up.

So here’s a six-pack worth waking up for.

Read more »