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American Sardine Bar

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American Sardine Bar Is Celebrating 5 Years


Yesterday, I told you about the greatest pre-Thanksgiving party ever involving a Turkey-shaped shot luge, and said you just had to go if you were planning on being in town over the holiday. But for those of you out there who don’t think that drinking shots of Wild Turkey out of a turkey’s ass sounds like a good time (Communists…), there’s this: American Sardine Bar’s 5th Anniversary party, which is also happening on November 23.

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The 50 Best Bars in Philadelphia Right Now

Am. Mulherin's Sons | Photo by Ted Nghiem

Wm. Mulherin’s Sons | Photo by Ted Nghiem

So this is it.

After months of research, weeks of debate and a whole year of waiting, we finally have this year’s ranked list of the 50 Best Bars In Philadelphia.

Because Philly is one of the greatest drinking cities on Earth, it’s also home to an unusually high concentration of experts in the elbow-bending arts. This year we’ve again turned to the best of them–writers and editors, rummies and winos, industry pros and enthusiastic amateurs–and asked them where they go when there’s drinking to be done. We tallied their votes and cast our own and all to bring you this: our always controversial, always surprising (and absolutely accurate) ranking of the 50 best bars in the region.

So let’s get drinking, shall we? And we can start at …

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